Kitchen Design: Cool Cabinets for Kids

By Sue LeVee, Kitchen Designer

When it’s time to organize or update your child’s room, you may not immediately think of cabinetry. Cabinets are for kitchens, right?
Wrong!  -Bet that was a surprise  :)

Cabinets are a flexible, versatile way to add storage and function almost anywhere. Cabinets come in so many styles, and colors, and sizes; just about any need you have can be addressed with cabinetry. And in the situation where a client has very exacting specifications, we can accomplish anything with custom cabinetry.

These two pictures of children’s rooms are great examples of the many storage goals we can achieve with cabinetry, in a very stylish way. The built-in seating areas include storage below, and bookcases offer open shelving. The desks are great workspaces, and the floating shelves are perfect for collectables. For my own kids, I would have doors on every cabinet, to hide all those “things” from sight!

In both of these rooms, two shades of gray cabinets were chosen. This provides a neutral background for the child’s changing tastes, and a color palette that will work for any age. The design would be personalized for the child’s interests or special needs, and today’s better cabinetry is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

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