Kitchen Design: Kitchen Trends 2014

By Sue LeVee, Kitchen Designer

Spring is here, a time that many of us get the urge to refresh and renewal. For many families this includes a remodeling project, and kitchens are at the top of the wish list.

This year, homeowners continue the demand for clean lines and classic shapes. The white painted Shaker-style door, always a design staple, is seeing increased demand. To keep this look fresh and new, cabinet manufacturers are offering a variety of shades of white, from bright white to creamy, from warm tones to trendy grays. Couple this with a renewed interest in inset door styles, and we have fresh new spin for 2014.

However, some clients find this look just a little too plain, or desire a more transitional style to coordinate with their home’s furnishings. Cabinet manufacturers are addressing this demand with new and exciting flat-panel door style options, like shown here from Kemper:

Keeping the clean modern look of a flat center panel, detail is added to the door’s frame. Whether a bevel, a bead or an elaborate routing detail, this gives interest to these sleek door styles. These new styles provide design flexibility, while still presenting a clean, modern look. A new classic!

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