Kitchen Design: Making an Impact with Lighting

By Sue LeVee, Kitchen Designer

In my next life, I think I’ll be a lighting designer. It is amazing to me the drama that lighting can create.

When we are planning a project, we always think of the obvious elements – the flooring, the cabinetry, the wall color, even the fabrics. What about lighting? We tend to think of lighting as a functional item; we plan for lighting the way we plan for electrical outlets. Sure we need task lighting, (count up the cans for the ceiling), but let’s think a little bigger…
For a small investment, the payoff is dramatic. A commonplace kitchen becomes a show-stopper, and a designer dream kitchen ends up in a magazine. Accent lighting placed just to draw attention can be the most interesting, and it helps to personalize a space. LED fixtures are especially cost-effective, last just about forever, are low heat, and so streamlined they are practically invisible.

These are a few of my favorite examples of the power that lighting has to transform a space. (Check out the lighting under the island countertop!) It doesn't stop at functional – it makes a statement! You can see additional examples here: Cabinets 4U Pinterest

Posted by Sue LeVee
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