Kitchen Design: Going Gray

By Sue LeVee, Kitchen Designer

That phrase makes me think of my hairdresser, but I’m talking about gray being used in design. More and more clients are “going gray” in their kitchen spaces. It offers a versatile, refreshing change from the stand-by neutral cabinetry choices. In an article on Houzz, Jennifer Ott writes “Gray is continuing its run as a popular neutral hue in homes. It's still a bit of an unconventional choice as the predominant color in a kitchen, but that is quickly changing, as evidenced by the increasing number of gorgeous gray kitchens appearing on Houzz.
And there are so many choices!
Gray is deeply influenced by reds, yellow, and blues, creating either warm or cool undertones. Light and dark gray can influence the perception of space and light. Gray, like other neutrals, is strongly influenced by the quality and type of light in a home. Bring your gray color chips or sample doors home to test how a shade will “read” in your space.

You will have a choice of an opaque gray finish, (think classic painted cabinets); or a gray stain with a translucent finish that shows off the wood grain – a finish hugely popular in contemporary laminate styles. Painted finishes are even and crisp; stained finishes have       visual texture.

Pairing gray with white or with touches of a bright color will put your unique touch on your space.  Gray works well with any wood tone, making it an excellent choice in kitchens with wood floors. Using tones that are similar, like butter yellow and dove gray creates a warm, cohesive look. High-contrast pairings like charcoal paired with ivory, or with a bold hue like red or orange creates a dynamic space. And if you often change up your home’s décor, gray is easily adaptable to any color scheme.

Posted by Sue LeVee
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