Kitchen Design: The Work Triangle

By Sue LeVee, Kitchen Designer
So, we are heading back to basics. And I mean back: this design concept has been around since the 1940s. I am talking about the legendary work triangle.
When a designer is laying out a kitchen, there are 3 primary work areas to consider: the sink (prep and clean up area), the range and the refrigerator. Drawing an imaginary line from the sink, to the range, to the refrigerator, and then back to the sink gives us our triangle. The Infographic at the bottom of the page has great examples!
We want our kitchens not only to reflect our taste and style, but also be efficient to work in; the work triangle is a great start. Everything is within easy reach of the cook, with ample countertop to work on. The National Kitchen and Bath Association offers great guidelines for planning your kitchen and here are a few:
Then came the Island… Kitchens hardly ever had islands ‘back in the day’. Now, adding an island changes the way a family uses the kitchen. When there is a centrally located island it becomes the main work space, (and the countertops along the wall much less important). Think the island as your staging area, where the prep and cooking take place. Now our triangle looks more like a 3-pointed star, with the island in the middle!
Okay, so we’ve planned the hardest working areas of your kitchen, and we have those basic requirements covered. This is when we get to personalize the space for you and your family. Today’s large and open kitchens are used for a lot more that just cooking and washing up. This family hub has to accommodate dining, entertaining, even home work.
When designing your kitchen, we will talk about who uses your kitchen, and how. Your family may benefit from a second prep area, an under-counter beverage fridge, or a charging station. Kitchens today are an important family space!

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